Site Access and Circulation

Fareham Planning Application - Site Access - click for larger image

Newlands seeks to establish an interconnecting series of spaces, designed to create a high quality development which is in keeping with its surroundings, these include:

  • To maintain good legibility of the site, appropriate to the scale of the proposed development, a simple street hierarchy is to be used.
  • The primary site access off Longfield Avenue is designed to be open and welcoming through the use of a new urban square, high quality paving framed by an arc of specimen tree planting;
  • This access will lead into a wide avenue to include a linear park including street tree planting set within hedge and shrub planting. This access has been termed 'Bishopsfield Road South' or the High Street'. From this route access into the health centre, school, shops, care home and pub / family restaurant will be direct and welcoming;
  • The High Street will be designed to accommodate all types of traffic including buses;
  • Leading off the High Street the Estate Roads will include street tree planting to aid orientation and block paved and / or tabled junctions in order to visually lift these key locations;
  • Side Roads will distribute traffic into each development block. These roads will vary in width depending upon their location, utilising a palette of surface materials and furniture such as lighting and seating to aid orientation;
  • Within the Courts a seamless block surface through the use of permeable block work will help to create a more pedestrian orientated and attractive streetscape and permit the attenuation of surface water;
  • Parking and landscape features which do not allow vehicles to clutter or block the roadways, obstruct pedestrian circulation or drive too close to residential properties shall be considered such as bollards, seats, and planting etc;
  • Within the Site access points for vehicles and pedestrians should be clear, unobstructed and well signed;
  • To ensure no lengths of carriageway allow drivers to believe they have priority, and subsequently achieve unacceptable speeds, dimensions across the carriageway should be adequate to encourage slow moving through traffic whilst also allowing sufficient access for service and emergency vehicles;
  • Existing Rights of Way are to be retained and enhanced with new surfacing and signage;
  • New permissive footpaths and cycle ways are to create a network of routes north to south and east to west throughout the Site,  linking key features of the Site such as the school, pub / restaurant, play areas etc and connecting with wider public rights of way; and
  • Streets within the development will be built to an adoptable standard.


Access off the existing highway network will be provided from Longfield Avenue and Peak Lane. The primary site access will form a new high quality block paved square / junction with Longfield Avenue and Bishopsfield Road

Secondary access points will be taken from Longfield Avenue, to the west of the primary access, and both east and west from Peak Lane via a new roundabout junction.

Public Transport

The 'High Street' and Estate Roads will be designed to accommodate public bus provision. This will ensure regular services that connect Newlands to the local service centres including Fareham Town Centre to the north and Stubbington to the south.

There will be a number of well positioned bus stops within the Site, to include the 'High Street' and associated school, healthcare centre and local shops. A bus stop will also be positioned in close proximity to the care home with a stop including elevated kerbing designed for easy access for the elderly. All new dwellings will be located within 250 metres of an existing or proposed bus stop.


The development seeks to accord with guidance concerning parking to meet site demand and ensure there is no risk of overspill onto surrounding streets. For residential areas, parking and visitor parking allocation, the Masterplan accords with Fareham Borough Council's Residential Car Parking Standards (November 2009) (SPD). Parking provision for the school, healthcare centre and pub / family restaurant will satisfy the standards as defined by Hampshire County Council's (HCC) Parking Strategy and Standards SPD (2002) and HCC's On-Site School Parking Guidelines (2013).

Pedestrian and Cyclist Links

All existing Public Rights of Way within the Site will be retained and enhanced with new surfacing, seating and signage.

The masterplan makes provision for walking and cycling connections from Newlands to the north and west via multiple points along Longfield Avenue, Peak Lane and Ranvilles Lane. To the south new links are proposed to connect into the existing Public Right Of Way network, and proceed down to the Enterprise Zone and Gosport Road via the footway / cycleway proposed alongside the Stubbington Bypass.

In addition it is the intent (albeit not subject of this application) to enhance the footpath network, on land under the Applicant's Control, between the Site and Stubbington and to the east between Stubbington and the proposed Bypass.