illustrative masterplan

Fareham Masterplan - Click for larger image
Our Vision

"The happiness of any society begins with the well being of the families that live in it." (Kofi Annan). Newlands will deliver a new, sustainable 21st Century neighbourhood for south Fareham with family provision at its heart.

The design for Newlands has been informed by the following 6 key objectives:

Who are we providing for?

Newlands will provide a choice of high quality, flexible accommodation.

Green Infrastructure Led Design

Newlands will make the most efficient and effective use of land. Newlands will provide an open, accessible and engaging green infrastructure which helps to manage the transition between urban and rural areas, develops wildlife corridors, creates a network through which people can move freely, increases opportunities for recreation and which strengthens the Strategic Gap between Fareham and Stubbington in perpetuity.

A High Quality Community Core that Builds on Broadlaw Walk's Existing Offer.

Newlands seeks to create a new 21st Century neighbourhood, with new local facilities linked to and complementing existing services within the Broadlaw Walk local shopping area.

Creating a Sense of Place

Newlands has been designed to physically and visually link with the existing urban edge of Fareham. Newlands will be designed to reflect building heights, densities and the street pattern from the surrounding area.

Connectivity is Key

Newlands will provide safe links to the wider network, and will encourage the use of public transport links in order to support non-car transport.

Sustainable Design – Creating a 21st Century Neighbourhood.

Newlands will promote the highest quality sustainable design.

The Illustrative Masterplan (right) illustrates the framework and the layout of streets and routes, the location, arrangement and design of the development blocks, plot arrangement, and green infrastructure. The plan provides an approximate location of buildings across the Site, and how the built form could relate to the streets/ public realm.

In summary the amount of development proposed on the Site is up to 1100 dwellings, with a mix of dwelling types from 2 bed apartments to 2-5 bedroom houses, with up to 40% being affordable. This mix is further complemented by a care home on 0.5ha of land.

Alongside new housing, the proposed development includes a new primary school on 2.8ha, a new healthcare centre on 0.4ha, flexible retail space on 0.18ha, and a pub / family restaurant on 0.5ha.

At this stage, the final mix of market and affordable homes has not been fixed. The final mix will be subject of further discussion with the Local Authority and will therefore be subject of a reserved matters application.

An average density of 32.5 dwellings per hectare (dph) reflects Government guidance and the need to use land efficiently and is comparable to existing densities across the urban edge of south Fareham. Density across the development will vary with lower densities to the south and west opposite open space and higher densities to the north and north east adjacent Longfield Avenue. Lower density areas will typically comprise detached and semi-detached housing and cottages with front and rear gardens arranged to either front the street or within informal clusters around a court. Higher density areas will typically front the street and include more linked properties including some modern terraced housing and apartments.

Along the southern edge of Fareham buildings are predominantly 2 storeys in height with a number of taller houses and flats at 2.5 and 3 storeys in key locations on corners or concentrated around the Broadlaw Walk area. To the south buildings within Stubbington tend to be 2 storeys in height with a greater number of bungalows evident across the area.

To reflect local character buildings within the development will range from a maximum of 3 storeys to the north and north east down to 2 storeys to the south and west.