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Newlands is located on 114 Ha / 281.7 acres to the south of Fareham. Access is to be taken from two points along Longfield Avenue and via a new roundabout junction with Peak Lane. A further access is proposed to the south of the development onto a new 'Stubbington Bypass'. An emergency only access is also proposed to the west onto Rowan Way.

Peak Lane cuts through the Site in a north to south orientation linking Fareham and Stubbington respectively. As a consequence the Site is divided into two distinct yet interlinked parcels.

To the west of Peak Lane the Site is predominantly flat with a gentle fall to the south from circa 10m Above Ordnance Datum (AOD) to c. 3m AOD, centred along an existing watercourse to the south. To the east of Peak Lane the Site appears predominantly flat with a gentle fall south from circa 10m AOD to 6m AOD.

To the south east the site boundary extends south of HMS Collingwood between the Peel Common Waste Water Treatment Works (SWTW) and Crofton Secondary School in order to accommodate the alignment of the proposed Stubbington Bypass through this area.

Environmental Considerations

Over the years that HLM have been promoting development in Fareham, we have developed a thorough understanding of the Site and its context in order to identify key issues which need to be taken into account in developing these proposals. These include, for example, topography, existing hedgerows and trees, the public footpaths adjacent and through the Site, drainage, utilities such as electricity and gas, vehicular access and the impact upon the amenity of adjacent neighbouring properties. The following studies have been undertaken, further details of which are available within the Design and Access which is available as a download.

  • Water Environment
  • Vegetation and Open Space
  • Ground Conditions
  • Agriculture and Soil Resources
  • Heritage
  • Landscape Resources and Visual Amenity
  • Strategic Gap
  • Townscape Character
  • Townscape Density
  • Air Quality
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Services
  • Vehicular Access / Junctions
  • Pedestrians and Cyclists
  • Existing Public Transport
  • Highway Safety