streetscape enhancements - Longfield Avenue


HLM maintain that in order to assist with the further regeneration of the Broadlaw Walk local shopping area one must improve both its desirability, its accessibility and its public image. Newlands has therefore been designed to physically and visually link with the existing urban edge of Fareham. The design includes new tree and hedge planting, townscape enhancements along Longfield Avenue and Peak Lane and new junction improvements.

To the west of Bishopsfield Road, up to and including the existing roundabout junction of Longfield Avenue with Peak Lane and Rowan Way, targeted townscape enhancements are proposed. These include the new specimen tree planting to create a tree lined avenue along this existing route, new footway surfacing and a suite of new street furniture, including lighting and signage.

The final detail of these enhancements are to be agreed with the County Highways Authority and Fareham Borough Council through a reserved matters application and Section 278 agreement.

The existing edge of Fareham will appear softened by new street tree planting and visually lifted by new paving and lighting etc.

Existing boundary planting to the north of the Site will be retained and brought under active management. New development to the south of Longfield Avenue will face Longfield Avenue but will be set back from the carriageway, thereby creating a linear park between existing and proposed development. This linear park will be punctuated by new pedestrian / cyclist crossings linking Newlands with Fareham.