a new high street

Fareham High Street Proposals - Click for larger image

The development offers the potential to create a new 'High Street', extending the existing local shopping area at Broadlaw Walk into and through the development.

Anchoring the site adjacent to Longfield Avenue / Bishopsfield Road a new healthcare centre (0.4ha) and a primary school (2.8ha) are proposed. These buildings and adjacent hard paved public square seeks to provide a landmark adjacent to the Site's main entrance and will help to physically and visually tie Newlands with Broadlaw Walk further to the north.

This paved square is primarily designed for pedestrians and cyclists and as such will include seating, specimen tree planting and cycle stands. This space will also comprise a shared surface enabling the free movement of vehicles into and out of the site. This new 'civic square' and its associated townscape improvements will visually lift the area, slow traffic along Longfield Avenue and improve pedestrian circulation. New signage will also announce one's arrival at both Broadlaw Walk and Newlands.

Moving into the development an extension of Bishopsfield Road, termed the 'High Street' or 'Bishopsfield Road South', links both proposed new residents, Broadlaw Walk and existing residents with a new arcade of flexible retail units, a care home, a pub / family restaurant and new playing fields and play space.

Bishopsfield Road South is designed to include dedicated on street parking, pick up and drop off parking to the school and healthcare centre, space for bus stops, and the opportunity to create a small car share scheme.

Situated immediately to the south of the health centre a small arcade of shops extends the High Street south into Newlands. These facilities seek to build on and support the existing retail offer available within Broadlaw Walk. Shops that may compete with those available in Broadlaw Walk will be discouraged.

Like the health centre the arcade of shops is to sit opposite the school in order to define the extents of the High Street. Between the school and the shops the High Street will comprise of a shared surface, including pull in car parking, denoted by a subtle change of surface material, and punctuated by specimen tree and shrub planting. Bollards will be used to prevent vehicles getting too close to the shops and will allow shoppers space to gather and move freely.

The shops themselves will be flexible and / or modular, in that the development has the potential to deliver up to 6 small retail units, or indeed a fewer number of larger units. Apartments will be provided above the shops providing both activity and security out of retail hours. All servicing will be to their rear.

To the south of the shops and the school the character of the High Street is to change from a shared surface, largely paved 'urban' environment to a greener more suburban character with a greater emphasis on linear open space, a wide tree lined street and residential housing set back behind low hedgerows.

Along the central section of Bishopsfield Road South the route is designed to pass along a broad tree lined corridor with its northern and southern carriageways separated by a landscaped central reservation. Regular crossings ensure east to west movement remains free and unobstructed.

Running alongside the carriageway a linear or 'Ribbon' park carries a meandering walkway from the busy shopping area and civic square to the north along a leafy greenway towards open parkland and formal sporting areas to the south. Punctuating this route the care home acts as a landmark building, aiding orientation and extending the influence of Broadlaw into the Newlands development.

The care home is located so as to front open parkland and greenways to the south and west respectively and to side on to the High Street to the east. It is anticipated that a bus stop will be located in close proximity to this building for easy access north towards Fareham.

Further south the High Street narrows, with the carriageway adopting a more traditional appearance. At the end of this route a pub / family restaurant anchors Bishopsfield Road South and in turn fronts open playing fields and an adventure play area.